5 Mistakes to Avoid When Leading Tours in Spain

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Spain Masterclass for Tour Professionals

In this course, you will learn:

  • How to set expectations and communicate effectively with guests
  • How to welcome your guests on arrival day
  • How to plan and adjust your itinerary around holidays and events
  • How to manage money, credit cards, exchanges, and VAT refunds
  • How to safely lead your groups around and handle emergencies
  • How to use the local electric systems
  • How to comply with mandatory bus and traffic regulations
  • ​How to look for useful information online
  • How to navigate your group around town
  • How to communicate with, check-in, and handle hotel problems
  • ​How to handle dining service misconceptions & cultural differences
  • How to work with seniors and guests with mobility challenges
  • ​How to plan for and adapt to public restrooms
  • How to do business vendors and interact with local Spaniards
  • How to work with city guides without getting into trouble
  • How to give commentary on Spanish history, art, and culture
  • ​How to plan the itinerary and logistics for different Spanish cities
  • ​How to deal with destination concerns and challenges

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