Code of Ethics

For over 40 years, ITMI’s Allied Tour Operators have known that we hold our ITMI Tour Directors and Tour Guides to the highest professional standards in the industry. The ITMI Code of Ethics was created by Tour Directors, Tour Guides, and Operators at the first annual ITMI Symposium in 1986.


Its core tenets still hold true today, as ITMI’s ethical principles and ideals. The benefit to the ITMI Alumni Community is that you are valued as the most sought after and trusted Tour Directors & Guides in the business.


ITMI is a Top Code Member of ECPAT USA and is committed to shining the light on Human Trafficking around the world. ITMI was the first school to add Human Trafficking Awareness into its curriculum.


  1. Pursue excellence as an ITMI Certified Travel and Tourism Professional, to enhance the Professionalism of ITMI Certified Tour Directors and Guides through your exemplary leadership, personal comportment, integrity, honesty, and trust worthiness. Always remember, your attitude, enthusiasm, concern for others and joy of life will be reflected in the personality of your tour group.


  1. Realize the importance of understanding the Tour Operator mission, policies, and procedures and adhere to their guidelines. Have a clear comprehension of the Tour Operator’s philosophy and the guiding beliefs that characterize their product or Brand.


  1. Respect the proprietary relationship of Tour Operators with their tour clients/guests and passengers or vendors by not making contact with them or soliciting (pirating) them for any personal business purpose without the Tour Operator’s consent.


  1. Endeavor always to present your Tour Operator’s Brand in the best possible light to guests, suppliers, DMOs, and the general public.


  1. Agree not to cancel any guaranteed tour assignment, except in case of illness or emergency, unless given a release by your Tour Operator. If the cancellation of your services is necessary, you will give the Tour Operator as much notice as possible and will offer assistance in finding a suitable ITMI Certified replacement.


  1. Maintain your professional integrity and refrain from making negative comments about any aspect of your Tour or Tour Operator. Speak directly with your Tour Operator in a tactful, diplomatic, and constructive manner. Never vent about any negative issues on any form of social media, internet, or an online forum!


  1. Discuss with colleagues or your tour operator, any breach of conduct, or behavior by another Tour Director / Guide, Motorcoach Driver, Guest, Supplier, or DMO in a tactful, diplomatic, and constructive manner. Again, never vent about any negative issues on any form of social media, internet, or online forum.


  1. Guard against prejudice, racism, judgmental behavior, and strong opinions. You are responsible to present a fair and balanced picture.


  1. Maintain your leadership by never losing your cool. Be objective when there is a crisis, conflict, or you are being criticized on tour by anyone.


  1. Assist, without hesitation, other Tour Directors and Guides in the field even if they are not ITMI Certified Alumni.


  1. Teach by being a responsible Goodwill Ambassador to do no harm either socially or environmentally to any cultures or communities you are privileged to visit.


  1. Educate and inspire your guests to develop a more enlightened world view by giving them a thoughtful understanding of history, culture, values, and traditions.


  1. Motivate and empower your guests by interacting with fellow travelers and local people to understand cultures. In a thoughtful and balanced manner, help your guests to open doors to new perspectives about global issues, cultural differences, and awareness of human trafficking.