If you’ve ever dreamed about leading or offering tours in Italy, you are invited to…

  • An opportunity to take the first steps towards your lifelong dream to get to know Italy
  • An opportunity to help others create once-in-a-lifetime memories and experience the history and beauty of Italy
  • An opportunity for a new career challenge and creating fun and unforgettable experiences
  • An opportunity to build meaningful connections with the people, places, culture of Italy
  • An opportunity to realize that your dreams are possible and to gain the confidence to pursue them


Learn how to plan and lead successful tours in Italy

Unwritten rules, laws, and best practice

The class is aiming to provide useful information for tour managers who are leading tours in Italy and may not be familiar with the country. Despite the professional experience that a tour manager may have in other destinations, Italy can result in a difficult Country to lead tours. What works elsewhere may not be suitable for Italy due to local regulations, unwritten rules, complex cultural background, and a densely urbanized configuration.


In this course you will learn:

  • How to set expectations and communicate effectively with guests
  • How to welcome your guests on arrival day
  • How to plan and adjust your itinerary around special holidays and events
  • How to manage money, credit cards, exchanges, and VAT refunds
  • How to safely lead your groups around and handle emergencies
  • How to use the local electric systems
  • How to comply with mandatory bus and traffic regulations
  • How to call and use taxis correctly
  • How to navigate your group around town and prepare guests for long walks
  • How to communicate with, check-in, and handle problems with hotels
  • How to prepare for dining services, misconceptions, and cultural differences
  • How to work with seniors and guests with mobility challenges
  • How to plan for and adapt to public restrooms
  • How to do business vendors and interact with local Italians
  • How to work with city guides without getting into trouble
  • How to give commentary on Italian history, art, and culture
  • How to plan the itinerary and logistics for different Italian cities


By taking this course you will:

  • Understand more do’s and don’ts when leading a tour in Italy
  • Obtain tour strategies that will work in many destinations throughout Italy
  • Learn ways to prepare and handle unexpected tour situations
  • Learn the basic Italian history and culture you need to lead Italian tours.
  • Expand your skills to better communicate with guests and local vendors
  • Learn how to protect yourself from costly legal and logistic mistakes
  • Simplify and streamline your tour planning and logistics
  • Get an advantage to landing a job leading tours in Italy because you already know the do’s and don’ts along with the strategies and best practices
  • Avoid costly mistakes that may result in hundreds of dollars in fines and possible loss of licenses
  • Deliver superior customer service for your tour guests, earn better tips, and get customers to book again
  • Save you countless hours in preparation for tours and be prepared in case things go wrong
  • Get you unstuck and give you the confidence to pursue your dreams

Course Curriculum

Total learning: 40 lessons


Yasmin Nguyen
ITMI VP Marketing and Innovations


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