Spot & Stop Human Trafficking


This training is offered by the International Tour Management Institute (ITMI) and EastguidesWest to help travel and tourism professionals, who are often on the front lines of the war against human trafficking, put an end to this atrocious crime.

ITMI and EastguidesWest are socially-conscious travel and tourism educators working hard to ensure all travel and tourism professionals are educated about human trafficking and how to spot and safely stop it in its tracks.

By taking this course, socially-conscious travel and tourism organizations in the fight for the rights of thousands of women, men, and children who are victims of human trafficking every year, both at home and abroad.

“Down through the ages we have enslaved each other.  With the knowledge and communication tools we share, it is time to repair the rip in the fabric of humanity’s soul.”- Joan Keddell, President ITMI

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Total learning: 17 lessons / 1 quiz


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