Are you wanting to…

  • Supplement your stream of income with additional work without having to depend completely on tour operators for your livelihood?
  • Stay close to home more often with your family, local community, and dog to feel more connected?
  • Take charge of your own destiny and have the freedom to control your schedule, create more fulfilling opportunities, and have the satisfaction of owning your own business?
  • Use your creativity, expertise, and passion to design unique tour experiences you love to share?

Are you wondering…

  • Where do I start?
  • How do I properly market and sell my tours?
  • What do I need to do to protect myself legally from liability?
  • How do I create tours customers want to buy?

Are you concerned about…

  • Liability risk, arranging transportation, and what insurance you will need
  • Costly marketing and promotions required to sell your tours
  • Setting the right pricing for your tours so they will sell and make you money
  • Not having a business, marketing, or financial plan

So the big question is “Are you ready to start making money leading your own local tours?”

This Course

We will go through the 10 Essential Questions you should be asking yourself to determine if you are ready to start your own local tours. By answering these questions, you can avoid making costly mistakes.

You will learn:

  • The key steps to getting your tour business started off on the right foot
  • If starting your own local tours is right for you
  • The top 10 questions you need to answer before starting your own tours
  • How to take your passion or idea and determine what type of tours you should offer
  • What you need to know to successfully run a tour business

You will walk away with more clarity on what your next steps are, and have the confidence to get started!

Let’s begin!

Course Curriculum

Total learning: 41 lessons


Annette Morejon
Annette is passionate about travel, particularly to places she loves. She has undergraduate degrees in Hotel/Restaurant/Tourism Management and French, and an MBA in Hospitality. Annette graduated from ITMI in 2000, right after graduating from college. She has now been in the industry for over 20 years, starting off as a tour director in Italy and France for Collette, and then moving on to work for them as a Product Manager where she planned, contracted, and created itineraries as well as oversaw all operations for the countries she was in charge of. The skills gained as a Product Manager have been the backbone to everything else she has been able to achieve in her tourism career. Her strong connections to Italy, led her to move there from the US, where she spent 11 years exploring every corner, experiencing the culture and history, and sampling all of the delicious foods and wines the country is known for. Annette then became Director of Operations for Cuba Travel Services, where she assisted many US Tour Operators in developing their people-to-people programs to Cuba and managed the operations of all travel-related programs for the company. Annette keeps busy these days overseeing two companies from her home-base in Miami yet still manages to sneak in local guiding and overseas tour directing whenever she can. Annette is the managing partner of the North America division of Whisper System, a company that provides radio guide systems for guided group tours, and managing partner of Daiquiri Tours, where she organizes travel programs to Cuba, Italy, Portugal, Spain, France and other parts of Europe and the world. She also recently spearheaded the founding of her local Chamber of Commerce in the City of Miami Springs, where she is acting President. One of her greatest accomplishments is being an instructor at ITMI, where she can share her passion for her industry with new students, fellow instructors and fellow alumni.
Yasmin Nguyen
ITMI VP Marketing and Innovations


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