Course Curriculum

Total learning: 12 lessons

    Get to know your classmates, instructors, and training 1

    Meet your instructors and fellow classmates and begin the step by step process to research, organize, and present a local tour utilizing the technology currently used in the industry.

    How to use technology to present and introduce guests on tour 1

    Put your presentation and technology skills together to learn about fellow classmates while beginning the process of researching and pairing down information to present. Additionally, you will begin the process of continual self-assessment of your strength and areas for concentration.

    How to develop and deliver exciting and memorable tour commentary 1

    Research, technology and presentation skills are honed with presentations about your gateway city.

    How to prepare for any tour assignment 1

    After exploring your gateway city, it is time to move on to the steps of learning how to create a tour in a location in which you have never been. Explore San Francisco by preparing a Points of Interest presentation and watching your classmate’s presentations.

    How to organize and plan a tour even if you've never been to the destination 2

    Learn how to weave facts into a conversation, how to begin to route a city tour, and prepare a topic in minimal time.

    How to combine commentary, logistics and technology into an 5-star tour experience 1

    Explore the concept of filler material and how essential these topics are to an effective tour, as well as how and where to store your research and notes. Prepare commentary for a specific / assigned neighborhood.

    How to deliver outstanding tours with confidence 1

    Learn from your classmates about the various neighborhoods in San Francisco with their (and your) presentation. You’ll receive feedback from both your classmates and your instructors.

    How to take your tours to the next level with expert tips, tricks and best practices 1

    Explore the best practices of local tours including on and off coach “dos” and “don’ts.” Learn additional best practices of local guiding and how to perform an Airport Meet and Greet.

    How to solve problems and handle emergencies when things go wrong on tour 2

    With your new skills as a local guide explore the multiple ways to use social media and marketing to get hired. Check your knowledge gained in the course by completing the written final exam.

    How to be an ambassador of goodwill on tour 1

    Learn about the ITMI Code of Ethics, Human Trafficking and the role the travel industry plays in stopping it.


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