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It gave me a clear and coherent road map. Having ideas is one thing, but putting it all together is another. This course accomplished that.

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This training gave me the opportunity to think more in-depth about what I want to do with my company before I even start – valuable, industry-specific guidance that saved me a ton of time (and probably mistakes and money). I’d definitely be starting right away if we weren’t in the middle of this pandemic, but I hope to save all my notes for when I’m ready to start.

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This training series gave me a lot of information that I would never had known about if I hadn’t watched these lecture series. It was nice to have guest speakers that specializes in a particular field and could go into greater detail.



One of the best courses I have ever taken. Content, instructors and resources were excellent! I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants a practical approach to launching a successful local tour business.



A comprehensive course covering all aspects of entrepreneurship in the touring industry. The course was formatted in a coherent, enjoyable and interactive way with plenty of opportunities for Q&A. Kudos to ITMI especially instructor Annette, moderators Amy and Yasmin, and the guest experts.

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