ITMI Technology Master Class

Technology is a powerful force in our lives. It can simplify a process, save valuable time, and breathe life into our commentary. It can also make us want to rip our hair out, question our sanity, and force us to crawl in bed and pull the covers over our heads.

In this course, we are going to explore which technology is worth learning and how it can help you in every stage of your profession.

From getting hired to preparing for a tour, to leading a tour, and everything in-between, we will help you step by step.

This comprehensive course will revolution how you use technology and forever change how you tour direct.

What you will learn in this course:

1. Course Overview- The Technology Advantage: How technology can revolutionize your tour directing.

Making technology work for you is a learned skill. While the learning curve may be steeper for some than others, everyone can learn and benefit from utilizing technology as a tour director.

    • Welcome and Course Preparation
    • Five Secrets For Success in this Course 
    • How the Course Works

2. Technology Fundamentals: How to get started at any technology skill level.

Learn basic terminology, equipment, and how different types of technology relate to our jobs as tour directors. Once laid, this foundation will serve as a starting point from which the entire course will build.

    • Overview: The Big Picture
    • What Devices Do You Need?
    • What Cords and Adapters Do You Need?
    • Caring for Your Devices
    • Working Seamlessly Between Your Devices
    • Software & Apps You Need to Learn
    • Organizing Apps for Easy Access
    • Internet Browsers and Helpful Websites
    • Additional Learning Opportunities
    • Technology Fundamentals Review

3. Getting Hired: How to find and land tour job opportunities.

Learn how to promote yourself, connect with tour operators, and get work.

    • Overview: Guiding Principles in the Getting Hired Process
    • Personal Promotion: E-mail and Social Media
    • Start Organized- Stay Organized
    • Crafting an Engaging Resume and Cover Letter
    • Producing a Resume Introduction Video
    • Finding Tour Operators
    • Applying for Work: Tracking Contacts with Companies
    • Creating and Sharing an “Availability Calendar”
    • Giving a Memorable Video Interview
    • Accepting a Contract
    • Getting Hired Review 

4. Planning a Tour: Overview

Learn how to organize, route, research, and gather commentary, harnessing the power of technology.

    • Introduction: Seeing the Big Picture of Tour Planning

5. Planning a Tour: Routing with Google Maps

Learn how to utilize Google Maps, Google My Maps, & Google Earth to plan for a tour so you look like you have been there many times.

    • Overview Google Maps, Google My Maps, & Google Earth
    • Getting Set Up with Google Maps
    • Directions
    • Finding Places/ Exploring an Area
    • Traffic
    • Using Satellite View
    • Street View
    • 8Information about Places
    • Personalizing your Maps: Saved Places List
    • Personalizing your Maps: Private Labels
    • Personalizing your Maps: Personal Reviews
    • Even More Useful Features
    • Google MyMaps
    • Google Earth
    • Routing Review
    • *Bonus- My Personal Google Maps Lists

6. Planning a Tour: Unleashing the Power of Video, Music, Photos, and Presentations

Learn how to choose media content, create presentations, build your video and music libraries, and know the technical aspect of connecting your devices to the coach screens.

    • Introduction
    • Choosing Content
    • Employing Photos
    • Presentations: Choosing a Presentation Program
    • Presentations: Creating Presentations- Layout/ Style Tips
    • Presentations: Presentation/Slide Ideas
    • Utilizing Videos
    • Mastering Music
    • Apps for Coach Screens
    • Connecting to Coach Screens: Hardware Needed
    • Connecting to Coach Screens: Device Selection and Tips
    • Starter Tips
    • Media on Tour: Helpful versus Harmful
    • *Bonus My Personal YouTube Playlist
    • Using Media Review

7. Planning a Tour: Organizing Your Tour Content

Learn how to organize & edit tour content (commentary, itinerary, photos, maps, music, videos, games, handouts, presentations, etc.) and make it available and synced on all your devices, online or offline.

    • Intro
    • General Organizational Tips
    • Step #1: Choosing a System That Works for You
    • Step #2: Setting Up Your System
    • Notes Must Be Specific- About One Topic or Place
    • How to lay out your individual notes
    • Plan the Structure: Keep it Simple and Consistent
    • Naming Notes and Notebooks
    • Overwhelmed? Let’s get practical
    • Step #3 Using Your System
    • Create and Update as You Go
    • “@inbox” Folder
    • Utilize Links and Tags
    • Make Notebooks Available Offline
    • See Your Notes in Google Maps
    • Annotate Photos and PDFs
    • Transfer Files From Your Computer
    • Input Methods For Placing Content into Evernote
    • Insert Files Into Your Notes
    • What Not to Put In Your Note System
    • Learn Sort/Search Functions
    • Organizing Tour Content Review

8. Planning a Tour: Additional Considerations

Learn how to connect with guests, plan for international/cruise/rail tours and prepare your personal life for being on the road.

    • Communicating with the Tour Operator in the Planning Process
    • Connecting with Passengers Prior to Departure
    • International/ Cruise/ Rail Planning Considerations
    • Personal Preparation: Organize your life so you can access things from the road
    • *Bonus: Preparing for the Unexpected
    • Planning a Tour Review
      Lesson8.6Final Thoughts 02 min

9. On Tour: How to simplify and enhance your daily tasks while impressing your guests and get higher tour ratings.

Learn how to use the technology onboard the coach, connecting with the passengers, work with your tour operator, and deal with unexpected things that pop up.

    • Coach: Welcome Onboard
    • Coach: Technology Check When First Boarding
    • Coach: Microphone
    • Coach: DVD Player
    • Radio/CD/Bluetooth
    • Coach: Wi-Fi
    • Coach: Power Supply
    • Coach: Connections for Audio and Video
    • *Spotlight on Prevost Coaches
    • Coach: Technology Organization
    • Connecting with Guests on Tour
    • Working with Your Tour Operator On Tour
    • Dealing with the Unexpected: Planning on the Fly
    • Personal Technology Tips On Tour
    • Tour Review

10. Wrapping Up Your Tour: How to save time doing end of tour paperwork while preparing for your next tour.

Learn how to harness technology to simplify the paperwork that needs to be completed post-tour.

    • Introduction
    • Finish Your Paperwork for the Tour Operator
    • Update Your Tour Materials
    • Evaluate and Make Needed Adjustments
    • Taxes and Other Considerations
    • Wrapping Up Tour Review
11. Next Steps/ Conclusion: Where do you go from here?

Create an action plan for prioritizing what tech to work on first and getting the ball rolling.

    • Introduction
    • SMARTER Goals
    • In Conclusion

What this course includes:

106 Lessons with Over 15 Hours of Content Customized for Tour Professional

Over 40 Instructional Videos 

Step-by-Step Instructions, Tips, and How To’s


Downloadable templates and resources

Lifetime Access

Certificate of Completion

Course Instructor

Casey Walton

Growing up in rural Virginia with my pet pig, Wilbur, I never imagined I would one day travel the world for a living. College and graduate school led me to a variety of roles, including travel consultant, teacher, media specialist, production director, and speaker.

Then one day a friend asked me to help plan and lead a student tour to New York City. During the trip, a chaperone commented on what a fantastic job I had–as a tour guide. I explained to them that I wasn’t a tour guide… and added that I wasn’t sure that was even a real job! They assured me it was and connected me with their friend, a recent graduate of ITMI.

I was intrigued by the concept and soon discovered that ITMI was the real deal. In 2010 I eagerly attended. I have spent the last ten years working full-time leading adult and student tours across the US and thirty-eight countries. I take a few months off each year to backpack on my own and have visited an additional twenty-eight countries.

What can I say? I love to travel. I believe that travel has the power to transform worldviews and bring people together. There is no greater joy than to witness the moment when travel becomes transformational. As tour directors, we facilitate experiences for people not only to see the world but to walk away changed. It is a great privilege to be a part of ITMI, investing in the next generation of tour professionals.

My passion is utilizing technology to both simplify and enhance our jobs, providing fantastic experiences for our guests. I love helping both the novice and the nerd get up to speed on technology and current innovations in our field.